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Monthly Archives: June 2012

White Dresss Casual

White Dresss Casual
White Dresss Casual by rochelle21 featuring hobo handbags

Summer dress
£18 –

R13 jean jacket
$425 –

GUESS wedge sandals
$69 –

J Crew hobo handbag
$298 –

60’s Fashionista Hot Style

“Baby, it’s hot out here”,  is the phrase of the day, but along with that is the question: “What shall I wear” ?  If you are like other mature readers, you want real answers and possible connections to what is in your already full closet.

Just a quick rule:  If you would be embarrassed to have someone see you in it, DON’T wear  it!

Here’s your list:

  • Sun dresses that are at the knee or slightly below
  • Knee length shorts
  • Capri/ankle pants
  • Fitted T-shirts
  • Blouses
  • Wedges/flats/tailored flip-flops

Make sure your pedicure is kept up, as this is the season to show your toes.  If you need to wear sneakers, pair them with a smart tailored and/or denim capri and fitted T.   Anything else could look frumpy.

    All these items are from: